What is this?

A "Microcontroller Headquarters" dedicated to heavily detailed discussion on microcontroller hardware and sofware. This content here focuses more on the microcontroller and its peripherals over the hack. I personally verify that everything that is posted actually compiles and works as advertised.

It was born out of the frustration from using Instructables and hackaday where it was near impossible to replicate the project and learn how things really work under the hood.

Originally I set out to create an online repository of my microcontroller studies, but soon realized that I can expand this so that anyone can add material.

For comments, suggestions, or errors, please contact me via github or Linkedin

Completely Open Source

mcuhq strives for collaboration, which is why the source code for this entire website is openly avaliable to download and use!

Built using Laravel 5, this "wiki-like" codebase can be easily migrated to other topics of interest.

What makes us different

Easy to follow and reproduce

Beginners should feel perfectly suitable in following along. Each article is written with beginners in mind.

Quickly find content

The navigation and filtering terms are designed to highlight each microcontroller, its vendor, and its abilities

Add content with no pain

Use the widely popular markdown editor when adding or editing your mcu submission.