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DIY USB Oscilloscope using a dsPIC

Intro The main purpose of this article is to create a crude, PC-based oscilloscope. A dsPIC33 is used to take ADC samples of an external signal. The data is sent to a PC via a serial-to-usb converter. The PC runs a custom C# program that displays the waveform. The slope and trigger can be adjusted through the PC app. The PIC microcontroller's ADC....... Read More

PWM configuration using MPLAB Code Configurator

PWM configuration using MPLAB Code Configurator There are many parameters in an IC which needs to be configured very precisely so that the desired output can be observed. For the same you might have to go through lot of meticulous details from the data sheet and few details become become very confusing for person who is still trying to grab the co....... Read More

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